Wooden Outdoor Folding Picnic-table With Glass Holder 2 In 1 Wine Glass Rack Outdoor Wine Table Wooden Table Easy To Carry Wine


The grassy open space is the ideal place for a picnic, but it is certainly not the ideal place to keep the wine glass and corkscrew upright.
The clever folding table is designed to accommodate all the elements of a classic picnic: two glasses, a bottle of wine and a plate of your favorite food.
Baltic birch plywood design can be folded flat, can be locked in open and closed positions, and includes two convenient handles.
The table can be planted firmly in grass or sand, but it is not sharp enough to poke into the picnic. Excluding wine bottles, wine glasses and plates.

Product information:
Material: wood
Style: modern and simple
Installation: assembly
Size: other
Specific use: outdoor table
Model: Picnic Table
Appearance: modern

Package Contents:
1x wooden table