Household Fruit And Vegetable Washing Machine


 Product information:

Washing basket structure: without washing basket
Capacity: 8 liters and above
Control method: mechanical
Rated voltage: DC5 (V)
Rated power: 14 (W)
color: White
Material: environmentally friendly ABS

Product size: main body 100*55 charging stand 100*10

1. This product is specially designed for washing fruits and vegetables.
2. This product adopts electrochemical method, only water + salt without any chemical components, it is effective to generate hypochlorous acid water through low pressure electrolysis
Remove residual pesticides and kill harmful bacteria.
3. The product has built-in 3000mAh lithium polymer battery, wireless inductive charging can be used repeatedly
4. Charging times, working> 20 times, 5 minutes each time, long battery life.
5. Palm-sized, convenient to carry at home and on business trips.
6. IPX7 waterproof grade is safe to use.

Packing list: 

fruit and vegetable washing machine + charging base + charging cable + packing box