TriTransfer Cable Phone Fast Charger and Data Transfer

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Compatible with all phones (android & iphone). Ready up your devices at lightning speed every time you need them!

Always in sync- Easily transmit data through your devices all at once without having to wait or enduring a bad signal!

3X charging speed- Get your electronics ready for the busy day. Quickly charge up to three of your devices at lightning speed.

Works for every port- Seamlessly switch through lighting, micro and type-C or use them at once. TriTransfer leaves no device out! Applicable To Android Type c One For Three Charging Cable.

TriTransfer is the ultimate choice- You don’t have to switch between chargers, TriTransfer is all you need to get all your devices ready for work!

Transfer Data, Fast charger and Carry Around your Tangle Free Universal Port retractable Cable.


1 X Tritransfer or 3 X Tritransfer 

 Learn more about tritransfer in our blog!

Prevent Tangled Cords

Product information:

Name: Sanhe-Data Cable
Current: .3A
Style: telescopic
Material: zinc alloy, TPE
Color: red/black/blue 
Cable length: 100CM
Lightning, Micoro USB

Delivery and Warranty 

5 to 10 days delivery. 12 months hassle-free warranty. If you have any quality problems with our products, We provide you free replacement, full refund and excellent customer service.