Creative Collapsible Wine Rack

Layer number (specification)
Creative Collapsible Wine Rack  Home Decorating Practical Wine Rack Living Room Wine Cabinet Display Rack Solid Wood Production
Details description:
Material: pine
Size: Expanded size, No. 1: 33.5*17.5CM No. 2: 48*17.5CM No. 3: 48*22CM No. 4: 47*30CM

Because it is pure natural wood, the texture of the tree rings and scars is inevitable again, this is the embodiment of real wood, mind carefully shot baby are taken in kind, due to the computer display shows a different color and physical, However, they are all in the normal range.
750 ml regular bottle, fine bottle
Red wine storage, lying better
   If you want to store the wine for a period of time, it is better to let the bottle lie down. The purpose is to make the cork stopper able to keep in contact with the liquor to keep it moist. If the bottle is placed upright, the cork will be overly dry and will allow air to enter and damage the quality of the wine.