Wireless Bluetooth Headset Binaural


Product information:

Transmission range: 20 meters
Function: call function
Custom processing: No
Print LOGO: No
Bluetooth protocol: 1.2
Channel: 2
How to use: In-ear
Whether single or double ears: bilateral stereo
Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotion
Color: Classic Black (Exclusive Edition★Professional Sound Quality★In, Ivory White (Exclusive Edition★Professional Sound Quality★In, Black and White (Exclusive Edition★Professional Sound Quality★In, Introduction to Version Comparison-This option**, Classic Black (Ultimate Version★Binaural Talk★Three Screens, Ivory White (Ultimate Version★Binaural Talk★Three Screens, Classic Black (Standard Edition), Ivory White (Standard Edition)
Type: official standard
Mold type: private mold
Chip type: other
Life time: 10 (hours)

A: Classic Black (Premium Edition★Professional Sound Quality★Introduction,
B: Ivory white (exclusive version★professional sound quality★advanced,
C: black and white (exclusive version★professional sound quality★advanced,
D: Classic Black (Ultimate Version★Binaural Call★Three Screens,
E: Ivory White (Ultimate Version★Binaural Talk★Three Screens,
F: Classic Black (Standard Edition),
G: Ivory (standard version)

A B C models with noise reduction function

Packing list:

Bluetooth earphone*1

Product Image: