Tritransfer: learn more

Tritransfer: learn more?

Tritransfer is a multipurpose retractable cable with a USB input that makes your daily life easier by allowing you to recharge all your devices (phones, ipad) in one place. Moreover, Tritransfer allows you to transfer your data from your mobile devices to your computer with USB input.

Tritransfer allows you to recharge most phones (android&iphone).

Efficient, practical, Tritransfer is a good friend at office, during your travels and at home.

Because Tritransfer allows you to get rid all cables that clutter you. Read the customer reviews to find out.

We sell over 100 units daily and over 2000 units have been sold in the US, UK, Australia, France and Israel with a customer feedback rating of 4.9.

Our logistics team is working hard every day to deliver within a week despite high volume orders.

If you buy Tritransfer and it does not fit your need, feel free to contact us for refund.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us via online chat, email or phone +15142483590.